MJJMichael Joseph Jackson (singer)
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"Having worked with MJJ Music for over ten years, I became close to Michael and understand his incredible impact around the world.
"Although MJJ Productions on its face was a multimedia company dedicated to creating and distributing Michael Jackson's music and entertainment, it actually served a dual purpose, and that was locating, producing and enabling his sexual abuse of kids," (http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/wade-robson-michael-jackson-abuse-lawsuit-negligent-claims/) Finaldi said.
Deenik JL, Diarra A, Uehara G, Campbell S, Sumiyoshi Y, Antal MJJ (2011) Charcoal ash and volatile matter effects on soil properties and plant growth in an acid Ultisol.
En este articulo mostraremos el detalle de la metodologia utilizada en el desarrollo del proyecto Uso del analisis categorico en la prediccion estacional de la precipitacion en Latinoamerica" (GEOF 02 2013), Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia (IPGH), aplicada en este trabajo a la evaluacion y la modelacion estadistica entre la ocurrencia de El Nino (La Nina) y la variabilidad de la precipitacion en el Valle Central de Costa Rica, en el trimestre de mayo, junio y julio (MJJ).
Twice during each breeding season (May and June 2008 and 2009), MJJ conducted early-morning, fixed-radius point-count surveys at each point.
Examples include the art and tabletop brand Nambe, which signed MJJ Brilliant as its first licensee, through Perpetual Licensing; sportswear brand Boy Meets Girl, which signed Roman & Sunstone for a line of fashion rings; and American Greetings, which licensed Richline Brands--also a licensee for Marie Claire and the NFL--for jewelry inspired by its card designs and sentiments.
The rainy season is divided into the first and second half (May-July, August-October) hereafter MJJ and ASO.
While it was all smiles and celebrations for Corner and the MJJ Motorsport team as he finished second in the Motorpoint British Supersport Cup, it was a more sedate end to the season for Supersport Championship runner Graeme Gowland, Superbike star Barry Burrell, and newly-crowned Triumph Triple Challenge champion Chrissy Rouse.
En: Gutierrez VIR, Dominguez MA, Acevedo MJJ. Medicina de Urgencias.