MJLCMultinational Joint Logistics Centre (NATO)
MJLCMultinational Joint Logistic Commander
MJLCManufaktur Jaeger–LeCoultre (Swiss watch maker)
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As reported in the YNews, Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the Conference of European Rabbis, and co-founder of MJLC, said that it will serve, among other things, as a resource for authoritative and trusted information with a legal basis upon which rabbis and imams - the religious clerics - can act: "Together we will be able to develop an innovative and creative approach when dealing with EU institutions and governments in Europe, that will ensure the continued observance of our religion."
An aspect specific to the operations conducted lately is that the Multinational Force did not manage to deploy into the theaters of operations MJLC type structures, or MILU type structures.
It is appreciated that by the introduction of specialized structures for the coordination of movement and transportation, like the one that exists at MJLC level (the movement and transportation coordination cell), it will be assured an appropriate level of coordination and control at the theater/ area of operations level, fluidity and efficiency in the movement of combat forces, and finally a better performance of the resources supply/re-supply system.
But Supreme rejected Amin's claims as "totally unsubstantiated", saying it was not in debt to MJLC. "We view the demands and threats made against Supreme's employees, assets and operations as an illegal attempt to extract money that is not owed," said Victoria Frost, Director of Corporate Development, Marketing and Communications at the Supreme Group.
Supreme issued numerous invitations to MJLC to meet and discuss any concerns in an open and appropriate manner and follow the arbitration process as agreed in the contract for dispute resolution, she said.