MJMMulti-Jet Modeling (prototyping manufacturing)
MJMMcGill Journal of Medicine (Canada)
MJMMotorcyclists for Jesus Ministries
MJMMechanical Joint Male (piping)
MJMManchester Jewish Museum (UK)
MJMMetropolitan Japanese Ministry
MJMMarried Jewish Male
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Hospice chief executive Kate Lennon said:"Thanks to this incredibly generous support from the Miss MJM SmithTrust, we have been able to undertake this project, completely modernising and upgrading our telephone and communications systems throughout the organisation.
After setting up MJM with Michael, she launched the Ultimo bra in 1999 and it grew into a global brand.
Selwyn Property Group's Kurt Schoenhoff, Vice President of Hospitality and Brokerage Services, represented MJM Group with the purchase.
MJM: I am really interested in the way you intertwine Haitian history in your art.
A source said: "If Michelle does take charge of MJM, presumably these names could be used for new LOVE SPLIT product ranges.
Key words: additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, multi-jet modeling (MJM), electroplating, electroforming
It was only completed on Wednesday, leading to last-minute worries for the Glaswegian co-founder of MJM International, who admitted the ceremony was "so nerve-racking".
So how does our MJM, talented as he is, hook up with the stars?
In the Table accompanying the article, the data on spa types isolated from pigs were originally described in de Neeling AJ, van den Broek MJM, Spalburg EC, van Santen-Verheuvel MG, Dam-Deisz WDC, Boshuizen HC, et al.
* pro-Jet SD 3000 utilizes the company's proprietary Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) technology and is designed to provide parts with exceptionally smooth surfaces and tiny feature detail tot concept development, design verification, form/fit testing, and product presentations.
The mother and former model now runs seven brands as part of her MJM International business.
The printer uses Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) technology combined with VisiJet CPX200 wax build material and VisiJet S200 dissolvable wax support material.