MJMSMissouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences
MJMSMt. Juliet Middle School (Mount Juliet, TN)
MJMSMaster of Journalism and Media Studies (various locations)
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Therefore, this study used the MJM by Dechow et al.
Regading the second measurement, to determine the DA using the MJM by Kasznik (1999), Kasznik (1999) estimated the following cross-sectional model:
Thus, calculations of [NDA.sub.it] and [DA.sub.it] in this model are the same as used in the MJM by Dechow et al.
Panel data regression analysis was run to investigate the influence of ACDAE, ACCAE and ACBAE, on the absolute value of DA by using two proxies, i.e., MJM by Dechow et al.
Welcoming the sale, First Minister Arlene Foster said: Im pleased to confirm we have agreed to sell the Shackleton site to MJM Group.
This site which was gifted to the Executive under the Agreement at Hillsborough Castle, presents a unique opportunity for MJM Group to maximise its potential.
MJM plans for Shackleton include a private jet and rail carriage fit out facility, renewable energy and the companys own IT service centre and facilities management services which will create over 100 new jobs.
The successful company MJM Group is a local company with global ambition.
The young people who have participated in this project appear to enjoy the process of assessment using the MJM, volunteering comments such as: "It's good that the stories have come from other kids like us"; "Strange, but fun"; "Yeah, that was pretty fun to do"; "Never done anything like it before ...
On discharge from the services, some young people reacted with surprise and pleasure at the visible change to their MJM profiles:
Staff administering the MJM to the young people commented that it is an easy to use tool, that the five stages make sense and are a good guide to follow, and that basic post-assessment comparisons of two staff ratings appear to show good inter-rater reliability.
In mapping change over time, the MJM allows for the often complex and nonlinear nature of change, and provides an uncomplicated visual representation of the journey which appears to be empowering and motivating for the young people involved in the research.