MJSSMonmouth Junior Science Symposium (Monmouth University; West Long Branch, NJ)
MJSSMay Jensen Shawa Solomon LLP (law firm; Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
MJSSMalaysian Journal of Soil Science
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The MJSS was used for the evaluation of job satisfaction.
Cronbach's alpha values of the scales were calculated 0.868 for the MJSS and 0.894 for the WHOQOL-8.
In the field of filtering for MJSs, the existing results generally assume that the filter parameters can be implemented precisely.
Nevertheless, to the best of the authors' knowledge, the nonfragile [H.sub.[infinity]] filtering issue for MJSs with RONs, time delays, and quantization has not been studied yet, which constitutes the main motivation of this paper.
In this paper, the nonfragile [H.sub.[infinity]] filtering problem is investigated for a class of discrete-time MJSs with mode-dependent time delays, quantization, and RONs.
Thus, it has been well recognized that S-MJSs are more general than MJSs in real situations.
Then, we can represent MJSs from (22); that is, the transition rate [[pi].sub.ij](h) can be reduced to an h-independent value as follows: [[pi].sub.ij](h) = [q.sub.ij][[pi].sub.ij](h) = [q.sub.ij]/[[alpha].sub.i].
Due to the fact that many dynamical systems subject to random abrupt variations can be modeled by MJSs, many applications of MJSs can be showed, such as power systems, failure prone manufacturing systems, communication systems, biochemical systems with diverse changes of environmental conditions, and economy system.
This work is not a simple extension of [28] to MJSs. Our main difficulties come from the state estimator design and missing measurements analysis for the MJSs.
The constrained discrete-time MJSs with mixed uncertainties are considered in this paper:
Therefore, analysis and synthesis problems for normal MJSs with incomplete information on transition probability have attracted more and more attentions [31-49].
The above description about uncertain TRs is more general than either the MJSs model with bounded uncertain TRs or the MJSs model with partly uncertain TRs.