MJYMount Joy (Amtrak station code; Mount Joy, WA)
MJYMighty Joe Young (movie, and blues musician)
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She never tried there but when she joined her transgender companions here she started smoking: "Yahan saab peety thy tu mjy b adaat lag gaye." (Everyone smokes here; therefore I became addicted.) Another respondent said, "Jaab mjy ghr waly marty thy main chup k cigeratte peeta thi." (When my family beat me I used to smoke in hidden places.)
She added, "Taab taak peeti the jab taak mjy charhti nahi thi." (I smoke and smoke and smoke ...
One respondent said, "Mjy raat ko dawaee k bagair neend nahi aati." (Without hash I cannot sleep.) Drinking and substance abuse increased significantly whenever they sat in their gatherings and functions.
One of the respondents said, "Main jab say yahan aae hn tab say mjy bhee pakkay ki adaat ho gaye ha." (As soon as I shifted here...
While sharing her experience, she said, "Ghum bhulany k liyai peeti hun, is say mjy sakoon milta ha." (Alcohol helps me to remove sour feelings; it makes me feel relaxed.)
We reproduce the known evolution of mJy sources to z~1.5 and continue past that to z~3.
The relative emissivity of the two clear detections was found to be in excess of that seen on large scales at high galactic latitude with values of 16.4 [+ or -] 1.8 and 28.5 [+ or -] 3.3 [micro]K [(MJy [sr.sup.-1]).sup.-1] for L675 and L1111, respectively, although there are of course clear environmental differences between diffuse emission at high galactic latitudes and the dense molecular gas of dark clouds.