MJZMirnyj (Russia)
MJZMorton Jankel Zander (production company; est. 1990; Los Angeles, CA)
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MJZ is responsible for some of the most influential commercials of recent years, such as the well-known Cadbury's "Eyebrows" advert, Sony "Balls" for Fallon, where 130,000 rubber balls were dropped across the streets of San Francisco, and "Tipping Point" for Guinness, where a giant domino run of cars, fridges and other objects was constructed in an isolated South American village.
However, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif described what was said on the incident as "repeated allegations that aim to escalate the situation." (end) mjz.hm
However, the embassy stressed the need to cooperate with the security authorities and to communicate with them in emergencies on the following numbers: 0033147235425 0033670673834 (end) mjz.aa