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MK1Mark One
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(GA-ASI) has reaffirmed its collaboration withCobham Aviation Services UK for through-life support strategies for the Protector RG Mk1 Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA).
"This was the first front-wheel drive Escort - the MK1, MK2s were all rear-wheel drive like the Cortina and the Fiesta," Paul Nieuwenhuis, independent motor vehicle analyst said.
"But the Golf vs Escort rivalry extended further than who was fastest around town, it signified social standing in an imageconscious decade." Mr Nieuwenhuis, who is from Cardiff, said: "Although Ford fans have focused on the MK1 and MK2 Escorts which work as alternative rally cars they are so expensive that people are taking an interest in the XR3 generation."
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development this week said is committed to allocate MK1.5 billion annually for a period of three years.
To that end, this facelifted MK1 model got a smarter, more upright front grille with a central lion motif to provide a bit more visual clout, with chromed styling that was more assertive and added another 16mm of length to the front overhang.
Performance is expected to include a top speed of 149mph and 0-60mph in 4.0sec - both substantially quicker than an original MK1 Mustang.
The plane was used for reconnaissance, and as opposed to the more familiar Mk1, it is fitted with a Griffon engine, which made it notably faster than its predecessor.
The air show, on June 9, will see it go on public display at the museum for the first time, and following the event it will feature at the museum throughout the summer, alongside the Mk1 version of the plane.
Above, from left, Mini, Ford Zephyr and Ford Cortina Mk1. Visible in the background are a Sunbeam Alpine, Ford Anglia and Ford Consul Classic.
Also, the first Airfix model aircraft, the Spitfire MK1, was a favourite Christmas present for boys this year.
The crew came in 13th.Joey Ghose, who was formerly based in Kenya before moving to Oman, fought hard to make the top-10 with Harpal Singh in a Ford Escort MK1.Day Two action will start at 7am on Monday from the Waterfront Mall in Karen and finish at the Sarova Woodlands Hotel, Nakuru where the first car is expected at 6.