MK64Mario Kart 64 (video game)
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A PS article in issue 642 (May 06) will explain how to connect the shield to the MK64, MK93, and M197 mounts.
NOTE: the M2 ammo holder, NSN 8140-01-387-3095, and the mounting adaptor assembly, NSN 1010-01-151-6217, must be ordered separately from the MK64 MOD 9
MK64 MOD 9, NSN 1010-01-412-3159 (see M2 HMMWV Pedestal entry for specifics)
MWO 9-1010-231-30-2 (Mar 98) modified the MK64 machine gun mount from Mod 7 (NSN 1010-01-179-7616) to Mod 9 (NSN 1010-01-412-3159).
Units should immediately check to see if their MK64s have been modified to Mod 9 and that their property books show the change.
The only mounts that can be used with the lightweight weapon station are the MK64 Mod 9, NSN 1010-01-412-3159, or the MK93 Mod 1, NSN 1005-01-383-2757.