MKARNSMcClellan Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System
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The McLellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System (MKARNS) is an economic powerhouse for Oklahoma, providing reliable shipping and transportation to a 12-state region.
The Tulsa Port of Catoosa and Port of Muskogee are two of the most inland ports in America, and the Tulsa region has long benefited from the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System (MKARNS), said Mike Neal, president and CEO of the Tulsa Regional Chamber.
Additionally, Inhofe authored a provision that will make it possible for states to direct funding from the existing freight program to modernize and deepen federal marine highway corridors instrumental to the movement of waterborne freight, like the MKARNS. This investment would make the movement of freight along recognized transportation corridors more efficient, relieving congestion and wear and tear on our nations highways, allowing federal dollars to get more mileage.
MKARNS and other inland waterways are a positive option for shipping freight because water transport is cost effective and reduces the burden and congestion on our roads and railways.
Increased funding for waterways and operations and maintenance that will support Oklahoma projects like the MKARNS.
McClellen-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System (MKARNS)
Inhofes leadership, Americas Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 clarifies that previous operations and maintenance funds used for activities related to deepening the MKARNS channel is now considered to have been from the construction account.