MKEKMbs Key Encryption Key
MKEKMajelis Kehormatan Etika Kedokteran (Indonesian: Honorary Board of Medical Ethics)
MKEKMaster Key Encryption Key (communication security)
MKEKMajelis Kode Etik Kedokteran (Indonesian: Council Code of Medical Ethics)
MKEKMakina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu (Mechanical and Chemical Industries Company; state owned company in Turkey)
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Also, since MKEK is a government company, its finances are transparent and are open to public, therefore, all operations are required by law to be accounted for and liquidated to the dollar, Unluturk pointed out.
Moreover, two representatives of MKEK obtained certificates after participating in the trainings on humanitarian mine
Both MKEK and Aselsan now claim significant export success, the former annually shipping abroad some $50 million worth of light arms and ammunition, and the latter some $30 million worth of military radios each year -- both claiming to export to ten countries; a high proportion of their product going to the Middle East.
He said MKEK and Roferma were awarded the contract to supply 4,500 rounds of 105-mm howitzer ammunition for the Army and another 1,000 rounds for the Navy in October 2014.
This manufacturing facilities were purchased in 1952 by MKEK, which produced the THK-15 design in quantity under the designation MKEK-4.
1kgs (31 lbs) Length 1369mm Effective Range 2000m (6400ft) Used By US Naval Special Warfare Bora JNG-90 MKEK Calibre 7.
Besides the military and police officials, Maningding also sought out the charges against System Nomics president Alan Mendoza, Caballo's Del Mundo, and MKEK officers export manager Gulderen Baglacer and director of marketing Hasan Sahan, among others.
The ministry on Tuesday commented on the news Wikileaks web-site published claiming that MKEK sold weapons to Iran, and stated that MKEK had to receive a written permit from National Defense Ministry before it made an export to foreign countries.
2 m Firing sector [+ or -] 40[degrees] Elevation -5[degrees] / +68" Max rate of fire 10 rpm Crew -- Engine power 106 hp Road speed(auton) 18 km/h Road speed (tow) ** km/h T-155 PANTER MKEK, Turkey TOWED HOWITZERS Calibre 155 mm Barrel length 52 cal.
In the last seven years, MKEK sold 99,109 handguns, reaching an income of nearly 138 million USD.
MKEK also produced 70 ammunition resupply vehicles.
This gun was used as the basis for the Turkish T-155 Panter towed howitzer, STK providing assistance to MKEK in the system development.