MKGSMilton Keynes Group Security (Milton Keynes, UK)
MKGSMilton Keynes Geological Society (UK)
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The 9mm MkGs GUARD DRB2 has a 4140 chrome-moly, medium-taper, 16-inch, 1:10-twist barrel; a CMMG SV muzzle brake (the barrel is threaded 1/2-28 to accept most common 9mm suppressors); and CMMGs 14-inch-long free-floating KeyMod handguard.
CMMG's 9mm MkGs GUARD offers all the features one could want in a defensive carbine, but the real test is in how the gun handles and shoots.
As I stated earlier, the 9mm MkGs GUARD DRB2 proved to be 100 percent reliable.
Caption: The MkGs GUARD uses CMMG's proprietary Radial Delayed Blowback system wherein the bolt is forced to rotate and unlock, slowing the bolt carrier group enough to safely cycle.
Caption: The CMMG 9mm MkGs GUARD accepts Glock pistol magazines.