MKHMachinefabriek Klein Hesselink (Dutch manufacturer)
MKHMagnetic Key Holder
MKHMedien Kontor Hamburg (publisher; Hamburg, Germany)
MKHMultiple Key Hashing
MKHMary Kay Hopkins, LLC (Lake Charles, LA)
MKHModified Krebs-Henseleit (organ research preparation solution)
MKHMatsumoto Kiyoshi Holdings Co., Ltd. (Japan)
MKHMurray Krieger Hall (University of California, Irvine)
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Completion of the acquisition of MKH Electric City Holdings LLC is subject to a number of conditions, including but not limited to, approval of the Canadian Securities Exchange as required.
Stride length (absolute value) and pivot and stride hip external rotation angles at MKH, pivot external rotation angle at MAP, pivot flexion angle at MAP, stride hip flexion angle at MKH and REL, stride knee flexion angle at SFC, pivot ankle dorsiflexion angle at SFC, stride ankle dorsiflexion angle at MKH, maximum hip flexion angle in pivot and stride legs and maximum hip internal rotation angular velocity were significantly greater in the CPG than in the APG (p < 0.
While Hitachi displayed the Z-HD5000, a new high-performance, cost-effective HDTV studio field production camera, Sennheiser showcased its entire range of 2000 series wireless microphones, MKH stereo mikes, the latest earset, world's smallest lapel mike and Neumann studio mikes.
5 mm mesh netting (Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Permit issued to MKH and FJA).
First of all, the MKH is contradicted by the observation that translation occurs in the nucleus, (29) but this is not a fatal objection since this result has been called into question.
ha BAY MKH 6561 (proposed name = proproxycarbazone) and the pollen source and rays at Lewiston, ID, in 2002-2003 were treated with 30 g a.
all to see: MEC, MCK, MEK, MKH, MEC, MCK, MEK, MKH,
See Tung's Ch'un-ch'iu chueh-shih, in MKH, 2:1180-81.
Over the course of the first three days, he presented detailed overviews on Sennheiser's latest audio solutions including the Digital 9000, AVX, EK 6042, MKH 8000 shotgun microphones, Esfera Surround Sound microphone and the new MKE 2 Elements microphone for GoPro Hero 4.
Values measured from MKH until a particular event, expressed in time (s) or percentage of phase 1 (where 0% corresponds to the instant of maximal height of the knee of the stride leg and 100% corresponds to the instant of stride foot contact) and phase 2 (where 100% corresponds to the instant of stride foot contact and 200% corresponds to the instant of ball release).
ZK and RH designed the research; ZK, RH, RR, AK, and MKH contributed to literature searches, analysis of the results and their interpretation; ZK, RH, RR, AK, and MKH drafted the initial manuscript.