MKISMont' Kiara International School (Malaysia)
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In addition, BLU-667 demonstrated markedly improved selectivity for RET compared to approved MKIs, including more than 80-fold improved potency for RET versus VEGFR2.
Under a license arrangement with Russia, India's Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is building hundreds of advanced Su-30 MKI ground attack jets.
Subsequent to this clearance, flight trials were conducted by HAL for the MFDs on Sukhoi 30 MKIs. It is after the successful completion of flight trials that Samtel HAL has received a production clearance by RCMA for supply of MFDs to HAL.
The Hindu reported of the pact: The new programme of military-technical cooperation during 2011-2020 will cover both ongoing projects--such as the Su-30 MKI fighter plane and the T-90 tank production in India--as well as 31 new projects, Defence Minister A.K.
Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account that the utilization of the MKIS is crucial for the success of an organization and should be an integral part of the strategic planning process (Amaravadi, 1995) since the marketing data base is a vital element for the strategic planning of many companies and often presents challenges in terms of management, marketing and sales (Stone & Shaw, 1987).
MKIS Agency, of Water Street, provides specialist business services such as outbound and inbound lead generation and campaign management for the IT and telecommunications sectors, targeting commercial and public sector organisations on its clients' behalf.
Mustang MkIs fitted with American Allison engines served with the RAF from February 1942, the first joining 26 Squadron at RAF Gatwick.
These last two points form the backbone of a marketing information system (MkIS).
Likewise cognizant of the increasing importance of information and information systems in marketing practice, Ghandi and Bodkin (1996) have proposed a still more dramatic transformation of the marketing curriculum, the development of new systems focused courses and of a new Marketing Information Systems (MkIS) track within Marketing.
A large proportion of this is represented by Sukhoi Su-30MKKs and MKIs. These aircraft have notably been exported to China and more lately sold to India.
MKIS and Tap Tone have announced the all new PBI-100 Plastic Bottle Inspection System.