MKJMaatschappelijk Kwetsbare Jongeren (Dutch: Socially Vulnerable Youth)
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Our new Trinity MKJ Series miniature circular connector 3-D modeling tool allows us to help our customers in the design engineering community accelerate product development, making it faster for them to evaluate potential connector solutions and provide feedback to ITT.
The MKJ Series connectors are up to 70 percent lighter and up to 50 percent smaller than equivalent military standard circular interconnects, yet provide high durability and similar environmental performance.
oil companies, including MKJ Xploration, which, along with its partner company Harken Costa Rica, is currently involved in a contract dispute with the Costa Rican Government;
MKJ President Brent Abadie said his company is engaged in discussions with the Nicaraguan Government and has "received assurances that they will fully honor any concession contract.
A February auction for a contract to explore some 42,500 square miles of ocean bed has lured MKJ Xplorations and Empire Energy, said the Nicaraguan Energy Institute (INE); The off-shore areas are believed to have commercial potential based on a 1999 study of the region, said Mauricio Darce, adding, "We know that there's oil, but what we want to prove is that it exists in saleable quantities";
company MKJ Xplorations is conducting off the Atlantic port of Moin, voicing concern that seismic testing will disturb marine wildlife along the Caribbean coast, reports The Tico Times (December 10, 1999):