MKLMath Kernel Library (Intel)
MKLModeling Kernel Language
MKLMath Kernel Library
MKLMuch Klown Love
MKLMulti-space Karhunen-Loeve (transform)
MKLMary Kaeser Library (Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada)
MKLJackson, TN, USA - McKellar Field (Airport Code)
MKLMetzler Kunsthistoriker Lexikon (German: Metzler Lexicon Art Historians)
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In Section 2, a brief review of related work on keystroke dynamics, mouse dynamics, fusion of keyboard and mouse data and the use of MKL algorithm in biometric identification is presented.
Alternatively, the [L.sub.2]-norm MKL was proposed by another group of researchers, and it improves [L.sub.1]-norm MKL in some scenarios.
The proposed recognizer is based on MKL framework [8], in which the sample reweighting and feature matching schemes are modeled in a unified optimization problem of MKL.
Localized multiple kernel learning (LMKL) [15-17], as a method of MKL, is an attractive method which combines multiple heterogeneous attributes according to their discriminative ability for each individual instance.
In the present study, we use a hybrid method based on MKL and DE for prediction and to generate the trading rules for trading currency rates.
In [12] it is noticed that when all participated features are carefully designed to be powerful, the sophisticated optimization algorithms, for example, MKL, do not show evident advantage over the baseline average combination.
MKL learns a kernel machine with multiple kernel functions or kernel matrices.
Available in three models; 11 MKL, 11KE and 11E, the saws also offer a range of function specific options that allow the saw to be tailored to fit specific requirements.
(NYSE: MKL), which markets and underwrites specialty insurance products, grew a modest 2.72%, increasing from $310.50 to $318.95.
STILL tasty after all these years, the classic Mkl Lotus Cortina is always
Markel Corporation (NYSE: MKL) has announced that senior claims examiner Jamie Samaniego has been awarded the inaugural young professional of the year award by the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM), the company said.
Markel Corp (MKL) down 5.9% after disclosing regulatory inquiry related to loss reserve disclosure...