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MKLP1Mitotic Kinesin-Like Protein 1
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Furthermore, since inhibiting Pavarotti (Dm MKLP1) in Drosophila cells leads to complete failure in cytokinesis (Adams et al., 1998; Goshima and Vale, 2003; Echard et al., 2004; Eggert et al., 2004) it is likely that Pavarotti, as part of the Centralspindlin complex with RacGAP50C (Dm MgcRacGAP) (Glotzer, 2005) and other regulatory components at the ends of furrow MTs, are the central determinants of where the cleavage furrow forms.
These complexes are 1) centralspindlin, consisting of the mitotic kinesin MKLP1 (also known as kinesin 6) and the Rho family GAP CYK-4 (also known as MgcRacGAP); and 2) the chromosomal passenger complex (CPC), consisting of the Aurora B kinase and three additional proteins involved in its localization and activation: INCENP, Survivin, and Borealin.
Centralspindlin, a complex of MKLP1 and CYK-4, is thought to help organize post-anaphase microtubules into the central spindle, and also to provide the scaffold for recruitment of the RhoGEF Ect2, which mediates the equatorial activation of RhoA and assembly of the contractile ring (Jantsch-Plunger et al., 2000; Yuce et al., 2005; Zhao and Fang, 2005; Nishimura and Yonemura, 2006; White and Glotzer, 2012).