MKSMMilton Keynes South Midlands (UK)
MKSMMarvel Knights Spider-Man (comic)
MKSMMethod for Knowledge System Management
MKSMM. Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi (film)
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Municipalities contribution in sustainable development as a part of the philosophy for sustainable development: humanistic paradigm of existence, Books of Proceedings: May Conference on Strategic Management MKSM 2010, Srbija, Kladovo, pp.
"Its intentions to move ahead with MKSM gave no recognition to the potential impact of the development upon the transport network in Coventry and Warwickshire.
One hitch remains in taking forward the SLIC/'roof tax' recipe in the MKSM area, as the Leader of Milton Keynes Council told a TCPA meeting in September: there is a key partner that has yet to sign up to its part of the bargain to allow for the expansion of Milton Keynes--you guessed it, central government departments are holding everything up.
MKSM (Methodology for Knowledge System Management): MKSM proposes models enabling, the analysis, the modeling of organizations knowledge, and projects development cycle.
The MKSM method also defines the diagram redaction process, which consists of three steps, each led by a domain external knowledge engineer.
(44.) "Wiederaufstellung des IR 28--Allerhochstes Handschreiben," MKSM 69/6/14/11 ex 1915, 21 December 1915, OStA/KA/MKSM, Box 1189.
"With established cultural and tourism assets in the West Midlands with easy access to much of the growth area, MKSM could provide a new market for these businesses and venues.
The regional assembly's decision comes just days after the MKSM board met to consider concerns already expressed by the West Midlands Business Council.
Also valuable are KA Militar Kanzlei Seiner Majestat (MKSM) 1916, Dokument 69-6/37, Bericht 4.
The last time this happened to me was at the Public Examination into the Sustainable Communities Growth Area for Milton Keynes and South Midlands (MKSM, in our trade).
Request For Quotation the right to conclude a contract for the supply of cable joints for planned, urgent and emergency repair works on 0.4-35 kV cable lines of "MKSM".
* 12.2 'Sustainable Communities:" The Inter-regional Board for the Milton Keynes and South Midlands (MKSM) growth area meets for the first time.