MKSRMauna Kea Science Reserve (University of Hawaii)
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Tenders are invited for Zone Contract (Masonry & Painting & Road Work) Zone 3:- Residential Buildings From Mksr (Ex) To Bldi (Ex) In The Section Of Sse/W/Smr Under Aden/Smr.
Object of the contract includes the extension of the existing license coverage and treatment NUNTIO ASSR acquisition of additional licenses of the central electronic registry for an organization established by the Ministry of Culture (MKSR) at the following numbers:
expand the number of licenses NUNTIO ASSR software module Registry / epic for a registry of 29 licenses for organizational unit (from the current number of licenses 1 to 30 licenses organizational units (MKSR and organizations under its competence) in the amount of: 17 400 EUR excluding VAT;