MKTSMilitary Knowledge and Testing Standard
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"If the Army had to buy MKTs new, you'd buy them for $105,000," said Oswald, adding that one unit can be reset for only $44,000.
* RESET funding is only for MKTs that have been to SWA.
The RESET program rebuilds and restores the MKT, transforming it to a like-new condition.
RESET corrects structural damage to the MKT. It also helps to counter the wear and tear that comes with age.
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Great website & mkts thru internet sales also offering a private label program.
Tenders are invited for provision of services for the maintenance of medical equipment for the needs of the gbuz mkts named after a.S.
Tenders are invited for supply of reagents and consumables for the teg5000 analyzer for the needs of the gbuz mkts named after a.S.
Lincoln, a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, is planning to replace its Town car with two limousine and livery variants of its MKT crossover.
The MKT Livery features repositioning of the second row and removal of a third row seat, a rear seat-mounted switch that can move the front passenger's seat forward, standard Blind Spot Information System, rear view camera and Ford's Sync system.