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MKYMackay, Queensland, Australia - Mackay (Airport Code)
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Name of project: promenade granite flooring joints filling with mky laticrate stellar grout at bhadrakali fore shore bund in warangal (urban) district
[Professional satisfaction of nurses in light of selected factors of work environment] [23] and Chan ZCI, Lung MKY. A systematic literature review of nurse shortage and the intention to leave [30].
Minutes before the exchange of garlands, and after completion of other registration formalities, district officials asked prospective brides to go through virginity and pregnancy tests if they wished to avail benefits under MKY. Under the scheme, a bride is given ` 9,000 as assistance for buying household items and ` 1,000 against wedding expenditure, an official said.
Under the MKY scheme, every year, the federal rural development ministry gives aid to state governments for sanitary infrastructure in rural areas.
(14.) Resnic FS, Wainstein M, Lee MKY, Behrendt D, Wainstein RV, Ohno-Machado L, et al.
Chow, KWC and Fung, MKY. 1998: Ownership structure, lending bias, and liquidity constraints: evidence from Shanghai's manufacturing sector.
39, relates the name to that of Maki of Gad (Numbers 13.15) and the name Mky on a Punic inscription.
In a statement, the BIR identified the nine establishments, all located along Santo Cristo Street, as follows: ADD 1 Enterprise, BS Exponent Ville Marketing, Evertrix Enterprises, JPC Candy Shoppe Inc., Lorex Bazar Company, MKY General Merchandise, WBT Pharmacy and General Merchandise, YUSUN Inc., and ZYX Enterprises.
However, in a very few cases the artifact's site is not necessarily the name's site, such as the name Dwd on the Tel-Dan inscription (Ahitu 2008: 467-72) and the name Mky bn Hslyhw MMqdh on an ostracon from Horvat 'Uza (ibid.: 166).
Thanks to the district administration, who has cleverly linked the Union government's sanitation infrastructure campaign in rural areas with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan's pet scheme -- Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojana ( MKY).
" Any groom wanting to take benefits under the MKY must have a toilet at home or install one within a month of marriage.
(26.) Tjandra JJ, Chan MKY. Systematic review on the short-term outcome of laparoscopic resection for colon and rectosigmoid cancer.