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ML-1Mobile Low-Power Plant, Number 1
ML-1Anti-Mistletoe Lectin-1 (cancer treatment antibodies)
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The standard stock solution (1.0 mg mL-1) was diluted with mobile phase to prepare a set of solutions of different concentrations ranging from 0.039 to 100 ug mL-1 (Table-1).
Serial No.###Sample###File name###Peak area of entecavir###Entecavir stated quantity (ug mL-1)###Conc of entecavir (ug mL-1)
Of entecavir (ug mL-1)###Area of chromatogram###Entecavir recovered (ug mL-1)###Percentage recovery (%)
Three concentrations, lower (1.56 ug mL-1) medium (25 ug mL-1) and high (100 ug mL-1) were spiked for recovery studies.
The method was found linear ranging from 0.039 to 100 ug mL-1. The values of slope, intercept and r2 for entecavir were 0.996, 1.489 and 0.998, respectively.
The project detail shows that ML-1 extends from Kiamari (Karachi) in the south to Peshawar covering 1,726 kilometres and passing through Hyderabad, Rohri (Sukkur), Multan, Lahore and Rawalpindi stations.
The entire railway track on ML-1 is broad gauge (1,676 mm or 5 feet 6 inches).
The optical density (OD) was monitored at 600 nm and was adjusted to the same value i.e., 105 CFU ml-1.
Inqilab 97 were observed under various stress concentrations (0, 10, 20 ug ml-1) of different chromium salts (CrCl3, K2CrO4, K2Cr2O7).
In non-inoculated seeds, as concentration increased from 0-20 ug ml-1 (CrCl3, K2CrO4, K2Cr2O7), there was decrease (except CrCl3, K2CrO4 ; 10 ug ml-1) in percentage germination of Triticum aestivum seeds over control treatment (Table-1).
Under CrCl3 stress, with increase in salt concentration, bacterial inoculation either had no effect or caused reduction (except Kushneria avicenniae AHT -10 ug ml-1; Halomonas venusta APA-20 ug ml-1 CrCl3) in percentage germination.
The effect of K2Cr2O7 showed that with increase in concentration from 0 ug ml-1 to 20 ug ml-1, there was decrease in percentage germination (except Arthrobacter mysorens AHA at 10 ug ml-1).