MLAAMadaripur Legal Aid Association (Madaripur, Bangladesh)
MLAAModern Language Association of America (New York, NY)
MLAAMutual Legal Assistance Agreement (various organizations)
MLAAMedical Library Assistance Act
MLAAMedford Lakes Athletic Association (Medford, NJ)
MLAAMigration Legislation Amendment Act (Australia)
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More recently, the use of transnational legal development has been enhanced in order to circumvent or reduce obstacles related to conflicting sovereignties, by endorsing model laws and multilateral law enforcement treaties, as is the case of MLAA, to simplify and homogenize both the substance and procedures in every nation's criminal law, thus enabling greater predictability and communication in international law enforcement cooperation (Sands, 2005; Andreas and Nadelmann, 2006; Richards, 2008; Roth, 2010; Bowling and Sheptycki, 2012; 2015; Boister, 2017).
The authors obtained a simulation time of 1.39 s for a two-year hourly simulation, whereas the same simulation was done in 25.1 s using the MLAA. Lamarche (2009) later generalized the algorithm to enable the use of any thermal response factor.
P Carney, and K.-P Hopfner, "MlaA, a hexameric ATPase linked to the Mre11 complex in archaeal genomes," The EMBO Reports, vol.
With the passage of the MLAA, the vision of a true national biomedical communication network seemed on the horizon.
The figures are for students enrolled in the fall of 2009, the latest year for which MLAA could assemble statistics.
(26) Another major effort by the WCTU and MLAA, which was nowhere near as successful, was in reaction to the expanding bootleg trade in Manitoba.
Amazingly enough, some 9 months after Senator Hill proposed the Medical Library Assistance Act (MLAA) legislation, it was signed into law by President Johnson on October 22, 1965, and along with its groundbreaking provisions was an authorization for 5 years at $105 million.
The Medical Library Assistance Act (MLAA) of 1965 (Public Law 89-291) authorized NLM to provide grant funding for the development of a national system of regional medical libraries, and, since that time, the act and associated funding have been extended several times (Bunting, 1987).
Assistance Agreement (MLAA) with China, as well as a MLAA between the
[T.sub.mean, t] = [T.sub.g] + [T.sub.p, t] + [[q.sub.t][R.sub.b]/L] - [1/[k.sub.s]L] (MLAA), (2)
In addition to MLATs, the United States has a Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement (MLAA) with China, as well as a MLAA between the American Institute in Taiwan and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States.
(2004) also proposed a multiple-load aggregation algorithm (MLAA) in order to cope with the same problem.