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Last year, the Musicological Society of Japan has organized a research committee to investigate on "music sources in Japan," with cooperation of IAML Japan and MLAJ, and the Agency for Cultural Affairs has offered 7.
Another effort to make a research on original materials in Japan is an establishment of the research committee on "Musical Materials in Japan" by the Musicological Society of Japan (MSJ), and IAML Japan and the Music Library Association of Japan (MLAJ) have agreed to support the project by sending two delegates each: Hiroko KISHIMOTO, a musicologist and the director of the library at Showa University of Music, and Mariko TERAMOTO, a musicologist, from IAML Japan; and Shu-Ji LIN and Yumiko HASEGAWA, both librarians, from the MLAJ.
In the autumn of 2008 the MSJ decided to organize a committee to survey music collections in Japan with the cooperation of MLAJ and IAML Japan.