MLALMovimento Laici America Latina
MLALMovimento per La Lotta (Italian: Movement for the Struggle)
MLALMouse Lysosomal Acid Lipase (genes)
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ICRA also assigned a A3 short-term rating to the INR130m, enhanced from INR70m, non-fund-based bank facilities of MLAL.
The ratings take into account the established market position of MLAL in the copper alloy manufacturing industry, limited counterparty and customer concentration risks due to established and diversified clientele and the experience of the promoters in the non-ferrous business, which helps the company to source good quality raw material.
They received a walkover from Algeria's Al Kharoob before losing to hosts Raja Bani Mlal 0-3.
On October 3, the US Department of Defense (DoD) notified Congress of a program that would allow Egypt to coproduce MlAl Abrams tanks and upgrade components with the US.
The Army and National Guard will conduct all of their MlAl tank operational training using this system, officials said.
Mamma Mlal (M-1st Co.) Kent State PerformingArts Center ($70; 1,046; $61,900) (6/14/12) PW, $670,277 in Memphis, Tenn.