MLASAMitochondrial Myopathy and Sideroblastic Anemia
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MLASA refined the estimates further with the observation that in years during which current price GDP was declining, the correlation between the two measures was tighter, and when current price GDP was increasing, acceleration in the rate of retail sales growth lagged behind.
The syndromic forms of congenital SA are usually part of multisystem mitochondrial dysfunction disorders and include Pearson marrow pancreas syndrome, MELAS (myo-encephalopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke like episodes), Kearn-Sayre syndrome and MLASA (myopathy, lactic acidosis and sideroblastic anemia)2,3.
Mitochondrial myopathy and sideroblastic anemia (MLASA): Missense mutation in the pseudouridine synthase 1 (PUS1) gene is associated with the loss of tRNA pseudo-uridylation.