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MLATMutual Legal Assistance Treaty (a law-enforcement treaty)
MLATModern Language Aptitude Test
MLATMutual Legal Assistance Agreement (international agreement)
MLATMedieval Latin (linguistics)
MLATModified Linear Approximation Technique
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The India-UK MLAT has a clause where the treaty can be invoked in a criminal probe case seeking the "transfer of persons, including persons in custody, for the purpose of assisting in investigations or giving evidence" and it is understood that ED considers this step a better legal tool than the regular extradition action to get a person back to country, under investigation by Indian probe agencies.
increased funding for the OIA specifically to handle MLAT requests, (98)
Given the uncertainty and delays of the MLAT process, this two-tier system is likely to produce attempts to evade the reach of warrants by transferring criminal information, such as stolen credit card numbers, to non-U.
Once the law is enacted giving third party indemnity to Google, the MLAT would be signed.
This attempt at a brief summary of the MLAT process is indicative of how cumbersome and lengthy this method of cross-border cooperation can be.
We administered the Short Form of the MLAT (Carroll & Sapon, 1959, 2002) as a measure of foreign language aptitude.
The mutual legal assistance treaty, or MLAT, will be an effective tool in the investigation and prosecution of terrorism, cybercrime, white collar offenses and other crimes.
3) If adopted, the MLAT could radically improve the flow of information on both sides of the Atlantic to U.
We have been discussing the possible benefits of an MLAT with Singapore.
The MLAT will strengthen mechanisms and facilitate procedures for the Philippines and South Korea to curb transnational crimes by allowing both countries access to each other's judicial assistance.
If an MLAT does not exist between the United States and the foreign nation involved, then one may seek a letter rogatory or possibly a subpoena.