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MLBAMMajor League Baseball Advanced Media
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After adding additional clients like ESPN and continuing to improve the Major League Baseball streaming product, MLBAM created its first end-to-end client solution, the streaming network for the WWE in 2014.
Not only is it a huge validation of our TRACAB technology, but its tremendous recognition of the hard work of our own engineering teams as well as those of our partners TrackMan and MLBAM, said Johan Apel, president and CEO of ChyronHego.
MLBAM and NHL will continue as minority stakeholders in BAMTech, with seats on the board.
We are excited to roll out this revolutionary technology with our long-time partner MLBAM and give the Clubs a unique way to target this fan segment.
From the growth of live play-by-play products, to the availability of live video on mobile devices, to the introduction of PitchF/X and its proliferation throughout the research community, I think it's inarguable that MLBAM has fueled increased availability, interest, and enjoyment of the game.
The introduction of MLBAM also increases both the inequality of ticket price levels that a team offers and the number of price levels offered for the season.
MLBAM, however, chose to pursue a much more aggressive strategy based on the belief that enhancing its fans' on-line experience would increase viewership, ratings and revenue throughout the industry.
So MLBAM contends that the players' identities are being packaged and sold and that the players are being exploited in a business venture that is not journalism.
Platt went from a Webmaster to a site manager, an employee for MLBAM to help provide content for not just the Dodgers but to share it with teams they were playing.
In a brilliant display of foresight, MLBAM leadership offered to share any profits--in the uncertain event that they should ever materialize--equally among all teams in the form of a dividend.
BAMTech grew out of MLBAM, the interactive media and Internet company of Major League Baseball.