MLBGMy Life in the Bush of Ghosts (music album)
MLBGMount Lofty Botanic Garden (est. 1977; Australia)
MLBGMarshgate Lane Business Group (UK)
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You will find a variety of game collections on the Internet that include MLBG. For example:
The following are typical examples of MLBG: Botfighters by Iris Alive ( n cellular phone, GSM, SMS, J2ME, PC), Treasure Hunt by Treasure Hunt Mobile ( cellular phone/PDA, J2ME, GPS), Supafly by Itis Alive ( phone/PC, WAP/J2ME, SMS/MMS) and Seamful Game by Englands Equator Project (PDA, .net, WLAN, GPS).
In newer publications you will find studies [7] and overviews [11, 12, 13, 18] of pervasive games, including MLBG.
One of the main challenges to MLBG is the problem of how to turn "classic" games into MLBG.
In MLBG this restriction does not apply, as a player cannot simply remain motionless for one round.
When a "classic" game is adapted to a MLBG, it is important to ensure that the point of the game is kept and that the duration of the game is adequate.
MLBG are fascinating: "This ability for you to actually use your real world movements to play the game means that you are no more playing a gameO You are in the game!" [14].
In MLBG it may happen that some of the players interrupt the connection for short periods of time.
Session handling is essential for playing a MLBG. The user interfaceis design should be simple, so that no explanations will be necessary.
The Mobile Hunters server could be enhanced to become an enabling service, which would provide potential creators of MLBG with the generic functions needed for the implementation of location-based games.