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When we obtained the change of optical density with the source and the detectors, the concentration changes of Hb[O.SUB.2] and HHb at a given time could be estimated using the modified Lambert-Beer law (MLBL) as follows:
The concentration changes of oxyhaemoglobin, [DELTA][Hb[O.SUB.2]], and deoxyhaemoglobin, [DELTA][HHb] were then derived with the MLBL. The concentration changes of oxyhaemoglobin, [DELTA][Hb[O.SUB.2]], and the concentration changes of deoxyhaemoglobin, [DELTA] [HHb], were separated using the ICA algorithm and the results are presented in Figures 2 and 3, respectively.
Thereinto, Figure 4(a) shows the [DELTA][Hb[O.SUB.2]] time series results extracted with ICA from a 45 mm source-detector distance that were calculated with the MLBL and Figure 4(b) shows the block average result.