MLBPMajor League Baseball Properties
MLBPMSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) Litigation Backlog Project
MLBPMechanical Low Back Pain
MLBPMaximum Likelihood Beamspace Processor
MLBPMajor League Beer Pong
MLBPMaternity Leave Benefit Program (Canada)
MLBPMean Local Blood Pressure (blood pressure measurement)
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Liao [12] proposed Multi-scale Block Local Binary Pattern (MB-LBP) that extend the MLBP by considering blocks instead of each pixel as the unit values.
In conclusion, overall, the OSAS frequency of FMS patients does not change compared to MLBP patients.
In the proposed system we introduce MLBP (Modified Local Binary Pattern) in Multi-View Constraints.
MLBP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Major League Baseball ("MLB") and serves as MLB's worldwide licensing agent.
Commenting on the new holograms, Ethan Orlinsky, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at MLBP, said: 'We are committed to researching and developing new technologies to assure consumers of their item's authenticity and to stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters.
7 Importantly, none of the single parameters alone sufficiently differentiated AS from MLBP.
net and transfer its domain name, as well as all information regarding its operations, to MLBP effective 5 p.
MLBP is claiming that due to that deal that is "unprecedented in size and scope" will make "it impossible for A-B to fulfill its promise to continue to make MLBP its top, number one sports property in the U.
The only conflicts into which MLBP would involve itself now would be if, for example, an upstairs apparel vendor wanted to sell through the website of a mass retailer.
The goodwill that Anheuser-Busch has built through its partnership with MLBP cannot be replaced or duplicated," the lawsuit said.
com/2010/01/29/upper-deck-responds-to-mlb-properties-in-letter-to-distributors/), Upper Deck sent letters to their distributors in response to an MLBP letter asking those distributors not to sell the product in question.