MLBPAMajor League Baseball Player's Association
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Michael Weiner, current MLBPA executive director, said in a statement, "All players -- past, present and future -- owe a debt of gratitude to Marvin, and his influence transcends baseball.
Our analysis of player performance is as complex and dynamic as the work of high-powered business analysts in Fortune 500 companies, and we need to use the same robust, flexible interface to achieve reliable results," said Doyle Pryor, Assistant General Counsel of the MLBPA.
The stage had been set last year when Bonds signed only a one-year agreement with MLBPA, timed to run out at the end of this year.
It's not just A-Rod "fighting for his life" it's about the MLBPA and assuring that the punishment fits the crime as defined by the jointly agreed upon drug policy.
The matter goes deeper, and MLB and the MLBPA have only themselves to blame.
In Joint Effort, MLB, MLBPA Adds Maxey as Strength and Conditioning Coordinator (http://bizofbaseball.
The league will of course vote to suspend, the MLBPA will back the player and ask for the suspension to be rescinded.
MLBPA: "We are looking forward to joining forces with our peers in the NFLPA, NBPA and NHLPA to help raise awareness and funds for Haiti, and we encourage others to support the country's recovery efforts any way they can," stated MLBPA Association Representative, Mark Loretta.
At this time, the players are not prepared to accept an international draft," stated MLBPA Executive Director Michael Weiner.