MLCAMulti Link Channel Aggregation
MLCAManitouwabing Lake Community Association (McKellar, Ontario, Canada)
MLCAMoney Laundering Control Act of 1986
MLCAMaintenance and Logistics Command Atlantic
MLCAMulti-Level Computing Architecture
MLCAMulti-Lakes Conservation Association (Commerce, MI)
MLCAMultilink Channel Aggregation
MLCAMagoun Landing Civic Association (West Islip, NY)
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The BSA and the MLCA require financial institutions to ensure that the monetary proceeds from marijuana activity do not enter the nation's banking system.
Therefore, [2] would consider node 10 is related to node 21 and not to node 2 and that node 4 is the MLCA of nodes 10 and 21.
The MLCA makes it a crime to knowingly engage in a financial transaction with the "proceeds" of some form of unlawful activity either with the intent to promote the carrying on of specified unlawful activity, 18 U.
section] 5324 (stating MLCA defined criminal offenses); The Money Laundering Suppression Act of 1994 eliminated the willfulness requirement in civil penalties for structuring transactions.
The predicate offenses for money laundering are defined in Article 3 of the MLCA and combine both a threshold and list approach, including "serious crimes" which have a minimum punishment of imprisonment of five years or more.
Justice Scalia's plurality opinion further reflects an arrogant disregard of the legislative intent of the MLCA and prior court decisions interpreting [section] 1956(a)(1)(A)(i).
Best woman was MLCA champion Christine Roberts of North Shropshire Wheelers in 24.
The MLCA policy to open their events to men has paid off and in this contest they had an entry of 61 male riders.
Champion Christine Roberts took the Molly Soens Memorial trophy as fastest MLCA rider.
Under the Cabinet's proposal, MLCA would also be included within FINMA.
She won by one second from Joanne Harrison (Lyme RC), with MLCA champion Christine Roberts (North Shropshire Wheelers) third.