MLCAPEMean Layer CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy; meteorology)
MLCAPEMixed Layer Convective Available Potential Energy (troposphere instability measure)
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The smaller box within inset L indicates the relative frequency of EF2+ tornado damage with right-moving supercells for STPE and its components [mean-layer CAPE (MLCAPE), mean-layer LCL (MLLCL), etc.], based on Thompson et al.
Top 25 bigrams Top 3 trigrams Air mass Damaging gusts Steep lapse rates Steep lapse Watch anticipated Weather watch not Lapse rates Weather not Next hours Watch not Steep rates Wind gusts Not anticipated Damaging winds MLCAPE (J [kg.sup.-1]) Boundary layer Damaging wind gusts Deep layer Marginally severe Low level Weak shear Values (J [kg.sup.-1]) Severe threat Weather watch Severe hail Outflow boundary Strong winds Large hail TABLE 3.