MLCCMulti Layer Ceramic Chip
MLCCMicro Leadframe Chip Carrier
MLCCMultilayer Ceramic Capacitor
MLCCMichigan Liquor Control Commission
MLCCMultinational Logistics Coordination Centre (various locations)
MLCCMoney Laundering Coordination Center (US Customs Service)
MLCCMoses Lake Chamber of Commerce (Moses Lake, WA)
MLCCMulti-Layer Chip Capacitor
MLCCMaintenance Life Cycle Costing
MLCCMotor Loon Custom Cycles (Second Life; virtual community)
MLCCModular Life Cycle Cost
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Part of the Commission's legal responsibility is conducting these penalty hearings in order to suspend or revoke licenses, but also to make sure the health, safety, and welfare of the public is protected," said MLCC Chairman Andy Deloney.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global MLCC market to grow at a CAGR of 2.
Reflecting on how he joined the Lansing-based MLCC agency, which is the sole wholesaler of spirits in the state of Michigan, Deloney recalls reaching out to Snyder about his potential candidacy for the role of MLCC chairman shortly after Snyder was elected to office.
The combined results of these various design approaches have yielded a variety of BME MLCC families with termination configurations ranging from C4 terminations to traditional wraparound terminations, (internal electrode patterns for which vary greatly).
Development of these new CV values will create additional markets for High Voltage MLCCs and promote usage in applications requiring capacitance values previously unattainable in a ceramic capacitor.
Conditions such as these promote surface arcing in MLCCs," said Dr.
Under the circumstances, Showa Titanium will enhance the efficiency of production facilities for Super-Titania for MLCC applications and increase the number of production lines from three to four.
The photo on the cover of this month's issue shows the acoustic image of an MLCC that contains a single void.
To guarantee that their market research remained current, MLCC continuously updates information on their prospective clients and what they are looking for in equity services and products.
Washington has been given the daunting task of making MLCC complement the Merrill Lynch brand and, at the same time, making it a leading producer of mortgages.
To cope with the increasing lifetime requirements, MLCC technologies involve very high deratings, leaving no room for miniaturization.