MLCCMulti Layer Ceramic Chip
MLCCMicro Leadframe Chip Carrier
MLCCMultilayer Ceramic Capacitor
MLCCMichigan Liquor Control Commission
MLCCMultinational Logistics Coordination Centre (various locations)
MLCCMoney Laundering Coordination Center (US Customs Service)
MLCCMoses Lake Chamber of Commerce (Moses Lake, WA)
MLCCMulti-Layer Chip Capacitor
MLCCMotor Loon Custom Cycles (Second Life; virtual community)
MLCCMaintenance Life Cycle Costing
MLCCModular Life Cycle Cost
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In particular, the MLCC is working to provide multinational solutions for logistics support in times of crisis and during exercises to address identified shortfalls and challenges.
This permit may be issued by the MLCC to both on and off premise licensees and allows the sale and delivery of beer, wine and spirits in the original sealed containers for off premise consumption at private events.
At the hearing on May 3, 2018 after reviewing the record and the MLCC file, and hearing arguments from the license holder the Commission ordered a 21-day license suspension beginning May 11, 2018 through Wednesday, May 31, 2018.
Compared with MLCC, IPDiA MOS technology offers a fully modelized reliability model, which makes the reliability predictable during the lifetime of the application.
Murata Americas introduced two new multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCCs) series that contain metal terminal.
This past year, the MLCC has been working closely with Michigan Business One Stop ("MBOS").
At the Michigan Liquor Control Commission hearing yesterday in Southfield, MI, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) ordered the suspension of the liquor license and permits held by Three Sons Enterprises located at 5740 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI.
All of capacitors of PDI are Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC).
AVX Corporation has developed what it claims is the industry's smallest multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC).
55% ($6.28 million) of returnable retail licensing fees collected by the MLCC are earmarked for local governmental units to enforce the liquor laws and rules, and over $400,000 is earmarked for state approved alcoholism programs.