MLCIMitsui Leasing Capital Indonesia (automobile financing)
MLCIMinistry of Labour, Commerce and Industries (Tonga)
MLCIMulti-Layer Ceramic Inductor (electronics)
MLCIMixed Lymphocyte Culture Inhibiting (immunology research)
MLCIManitoba Library Consortium, Inc. (Canada)
MLCIMaxx Logistics for Commerce and Industry
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Chronic comorbidities were very common in the non-survivors; the mean mLCI was 3, 7 [+ or -] 2,3, and also the mean age (77.4 [+ or -] 7.80 years) and ECOG-PS (2.8 [+ or -] 1) were higher in this group.
They found that the mLCI was as effective as the original [17].
Because mortality may be high in the first few months after initiating dialysis therapy, especially for elderly patients [1], we used mLCI for scoring our patients comorbidities and found that patients with higher mLCI scores had a shorter life expectancy (p = 0.009).
However, we could not find a significant linear correlation between the mLCI score and ECOG-PS.
Nevertheless, older age should not be an obstacle to dialysis treatment because patients with a low mLCI may have an acceptable mean life expectancy.
The low temperature sintering enabled the ferrites to possess good electromagnetic properties which will make them suitable for MLCI applications.
Ferrites form a main component of such multilayer chip inductors (MLCIs) and are used with silver as the internal electrode.
The fine grained microstructural feature of these samples is effective for MLCIs with thinner internal ferrite layers.