MLCMMorris Lane Creative Media (UK)
MLCMMateriel Life Cycle Management
MLCMMultilevel Coded Modulation
MLCMMouse Lung-Conditioned Medium (animal cell culture)
MLCMMoulder, Master Chief (US Navy)
MLCMMaster Chief Molder (Naval Rating)
MLCMMerrill Lynch Capital Markets AG (Switzerland)
MLCMMarketing Line Cost Model (Sprint)
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Los machos de las poblaciones distribuidas hacia el occidente de la vertiente oriental de los Andes, fueron significativamente mas grandes en ocho caracteres que los del oriente de los Andes: LA, LMC (0.05>P>0.01), LCI, MLCM, AC (0.01>P> 0.001), LHDMax, LHDMol, Lden, HDI (P<0.001).
The error correction techniques evolve from forward error correction, operating on the bit sequence before modulation, to the coded modulation techniques, such as trellis coded modulation (TCM), block coded modulation (BCM) and multilevel coded modulation (MLCM).
The record was made on a 7 GHz, 47 km hop crossing a marshy rice field and carrying an STM-1 signal by means of radio equipment, using a 128 multilevel coded modulation (MLCM) modem with a 17 tap baseband adaptive equalizer.