MLCPMulti-Layered Composite Pipe
MLCPMaintenance and Logistics Command Pacific
MLCPMulti-Level Car Park
MLCPMixed Linear Complementarity Problem
MLCPMulti Location Calling Plan (telephony/communications)
MLCPMobile Land Command Post
MLCPMainline Commercial Product
MLCPMaximum-Likelihood Cyclic Prefix
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It has shown recently that [Ca.sup.2+]-independent regulation also occurs through the inhibition of MLCP and that the level of MLC phosphorylation is determined by a balance between MLC phosphorylation and dephosphorylation.
(2006) in formulating the problem either as a mixed linear complementarity problem (MLCP) (Scenarios (a)-(d) and (g)-(h)) or a mathematical program with equilibrium constraints (MPEC) (Scenarios (e) and (f)).
Each region of the stomach likely has different requirements for how MLCP activity and the [Ca.sup.2+] sensitivity of contraction are regulated during healthy gastric functioning.
The phosphorylation state of MLC depends on the balance between MLCK, which phosphorylates MLC leading to smooth muscle cell contraction, and MLCP, which dephosphorylates MLC, resulting in smooth muscle cell relaxation.
MLCP activity is regulated by the action of integrinlinked kinase (ILK), protein kinase C (PKC), ZYP kinase, and especially Rho associated coil containing-protein kinase, Rho-K (ROCK) [28, 29].
Upregulation of the calcium independent RhoA/Rho Kinase signalling pathway leading to inhibition of MLCP would result in increased levels of p-MLC and subsequently increased ASM contraction force at the same [Ca.sup.2+] concentration.
ROCK is a late effector of RhoA (a small GTPase protein) activation in smooth muscle and can also indirectly affect MLC phosphorylation by inhibiting MLCP activity (Feng et al., 1999; Wettschureck and Offermanns, 2002; Gao et at., 2007; Chilcoat et al., 2008).
When calcium concentration falls within vSMCs, MLCK activity declines and the phosphatase (MLCP) reduces the level of MLC phosphorylation.
The Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People (MLCP) won 47 of the 109 seats in the National Assembly.
The MLCP investment, which closed last week, is the first stage of a $150 million private round of financing by Vulcan to develop prime geothermal property with potential to generate 900 megawatts (MW) to 2,000 MW of natural steam fuel - enough clean green power for up to two million people, according to third-party resource reports on Vulcan properties.