MLCWMachine Learning Challenges Workshop (UK)
MLCWMontreal Local Council of Women (Canada)
MLCWMannerheim League for Child Welfare (Finland)
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Although the MLCW was concerned with many pressing issues facing the city (notable among them, the 1927 typhoid disaster), it makes no mention of the smoke nuisance in any of its annual reports or extensive meeting minutes during the 1920s.
The fact that these letters were the only correspondence the MLCW had with the city government about the smoke issue is confirmed by a document in folder 6-11 of this box, listing all such correspondences from 1899 to 1962.
In: Candela JQ, Dagan I, Magnini B, d'Alche Buc F (eds) MLCW, Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 3944, pp 449-460