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MLDManual Lymph Drainage (therapy)
MLDMulticast Listener Discovery Protocol
MLDMathematical Learning Difficulties
MLDMetachromatic Leukodystrophy
MLDMixed Layer Depth
MLDModèle Logique des Donnees (French: Logic Data Model)
MLDMaster of Landscape Design (UK)
MLDMulti Layered Design
MLDMedia Library Device
MLDMulticast Listener Discovery
MLDMulti Layer Display
MLDMulti Language Display
MLDMacintosh Licensing Design
MLDMarine Luchtvaart Dienst (Dutch)
MLDMy Latest Distraction (website)
MLDMajor League Darts
MLDMajor League Drinking
MLDMinimal Lumen Diameter
MLDMedian Lethal Dose
MLDMortgage Lending Division (various locations)
MLDMean Lethal Dose
MLDMahindra Lifespace Developers (India)
MLDModerate Learning Difficulty (special education needs)
MLDMaximum Likelihood Decoding
MLDManiac Latin Disciples (gang)
MLDMy Last Day (band)
MLDMajor League Dreidel
MLDMusic Like Dirt
MLDMost Likely Descendent (ancestry)
MLDMilitary Libraries Division (Special Libraries Association)
MLDMissile Launch Detector
MLDModerate Learning Disability
MLDMaster Logic Diagram
MLDMultilayer Dielectric
MLDMy Little Dog
MLDMild Learning Disability
MLDMain Line of Defense
MLDMean Level Detector
MLDMillions of Liters Per Day (municipal water supply systems)
MLDMinimum Line of Detection
MLDMagnetic Latching Device
MLDMessage Loading Device
MLDMilitary Liaison Department
MLDMajor League Duning
MLDMinimum/Minimal Lethal Dose
MLDMulti-Line Discount (insurance)
MLDMajor League Doorkicker
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"We are happy that by end of March, at least 50 MLD will be available from the Cardona Treatment Plant," he said.
Fourteen "class II towns" produce another 122 MLD of wastewater and can treat only 13 per cent or 16.4 MLD of wastewater.
The presence of diffuse demyelination raised the question of an existing neurodegenerative disorder, particularly MLD. The blood levels of vitamin B12 and folate were within normal ranges.
* Julie urges anyone thinking of undergoing MLD should be careful to check their therapist has all the relevant qualifications.
The student with MLD will save valuable thinking time that would otherwise be invested in copying the problems, perhaps inaccurately.
When time considerations are not as critical, MLD technology allows for uninterrupted learning processes.
As it is cheaper to send four-year olds to reception class in school instead of nursery, it is cheaper to send MLD children to mainstream school instead of special school.
Right now, the MWSS is fast-tracking the development of new water sources including the188 mld Sumag; 50 mld Rizal Wellfield; 80 mld Calawis Wawa; 100 mld Putatan 3; 250 mld Lower Ipo; 420 mld Wawa Dam; 250 mld East Bay; 350 mld Bayabas Dam; 550 mld Angat Norzagaray Phase 2; 250 mld East Bay; 750 mld Sierra Madre; and 1,800 mld Kanan River Phase 1.
Manila Water has a supply deficit to its Metro Manila constituents of about 150 MLD as total demand is pegged at 1,750 MLD, while the company's total supply is only at 1,500 MLD.
Velasco said that the 500 MLD volume of water from the Wawa project would boost Manila Water's production of potable water by about 30 percent.
There are also 64 water reservoirs with a total capacity of 1,222 million liters per day (MLD) of water.