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MLDManual Lymph Drainage (therapy)
MLDMulticast Listener Discovery Protocol
MLDMathematical Learning Difficulties
MLDMetachromatic Leukodystrophy
MLDMixed Layer Depth
MLDModèle Logique des Donnees (French: Logic Data Model)
MLDMaster of Landscape Design (UK)
MLDMulti Language Display
MLDMulti Layered Design
MLDMedia Library Device
MLDMulticast Listener Discovery
MLDMacintosh Licensing Design
MLDMulti Layer Display
MLDMarine Luchtvaart Dienst (Dutch)
MLDMy Latest Distraction (website)
MLDMajor League Darts
MLDMajor League Drinking
MLDMinimal Lumen Diameter
MLDMedian Lethal Dose
MLDMortgage Lending Division (various locations)
MLDMahindra Lifespace Developers (India)
MLDModerate Learning Difficulty (special education needs)
MLDManiac Latin Disciples (gang)
MLDMaximum Likelihood Decoding
MLDMy Last Day (band)
MLDMajor League Dreidel
MLDMusic Like Dirt
MLDMost Likely Descendent (ancestry)
MLDMilitary Libraries Division (Special Libraries Association)
MLDMissile Launch Detector
MLDModerate Learning Disability
MLDMaster Logic Diagram
MLDMultilayer Dielectric
MLDMy Little Dog
MLDMild Learning Disability
MLDMain Line of Defense
MLDMean Level Detector
MLDMillions of Liters Per Day (municipal water supply systems)
MLDMinimum Line of Detection
MLDMagnetic Latching Device
MLDMessage Loading Device
MLDMilitary Liaison Department
MLDMinimum/Minimal Lethal Dose
MLDMajor League Duning
MLDMulti-Line Discount (insurance)
MLDMajor League Doorkicker
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MRI plays an essential role in the early diagnosis of white matter diseases such as multiple sclerosis and MLD.
MLD Electric LLC is a locally owned and operated electrician company serving the Allentown area.
The presence of diffuse demyelination raised the question of an existing neurodegenerative disorder, particularly MLD.
For a list of registered MLD practioners or for more details log on to: www.
It's a race against time because we don't know if or when Joey will develop full MLD.
Therefore, a common characteristic of a child referred for evaluation of MLD is that s/he has trouble imitating and copying important information, or is prone to inverting, reversing or misaligning important information or has trouble with spatial aspects of maintaining place value.
Initial study findings suggest that if MLD technology is properly applied, the time it takes to acquire information can be cut by up to two-thirds.
This approximately 10,000 sq m warehouse is the first phase of our planned huge warehousing facilities that will also be shortly launched in the Riyadh and Jeddah regions," said MLD general manager Ateequr Ateeq.
This history details the actions of the MLD during the Japanese invasion of the Netherlands East Indies, analyzing its aircraft, equipment, personnel, and training.
The cons: The MLD children will probably be bullied.