MLDFMedullary Laser Doppler Flux
MLDFMelton Local Development Framework (Melton Borough Council, UK)
MLDFMultilocus DNA Fingerprinting
MLDFMuscle Laser Doppler Flow
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Dual analyses also revealed a difference resulting from the group in which ALND and MLDF were applied together.
Although the findings suggested that reconstruction performed with MLDF did not have any statistically significant impact (p=0.17, p=0.12) on upper extremity functions when patients were classified as SLNB and ALND by lymph node surgery, Q-DASH scores were found to be relatively higher in patients to whom MLDF was applied than those who did not have MLDF application in both groups (Graphic 2).
Especially for patients who have a small breast and a large tumor or who are diagnosed with multifocal breast cancer, MLDF after partial mastectomy has been implemented in our clinic since 2010 and this has increased our breast protective surgery rate by 12.5% (3, 10, 25-27).
The reason for this is that while the LDF method has been used in the mentioned studies, we have used the MLDF method, which is less invasive.
According to the results of our study, for all patients to whom BCS was applied, surgical interventions performed on axilla (SLNB/ALND) and MLDF affected shoulder functions and functionality in daily life activities adversely for up to one year.
Ordinal measures are extracted from diverse components of Gabor images, applying di-lobe and four-lobe Multi-Lobe Differential Filters (MLDF), with orientation values equal to 0[degrees], 45[degrees], 90[degrees], 135[degrees], 4 pixel-inter-lobe distance and 5x5 lobe size.