MLDPMulticast Listener Discovery Protocol (computer networks)
MLDPMulticast Label Distribution Protocol
MLDPManchester Learning Disability Partnership (UK)
MLDPMarketing Leadership Development Program
MLDPMunicipal Leadership Development Program (Canada)
MLDPManaged Land Deer Permit (deer hunting regulations; Texas)
MLDPMerrill Lynch Derivative Product
MLDPMaximum-Likelihood Decoding Problem
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Some may have to submit a Department of Revenue request for tax clearance form if the MLDP loans are over $250,000.
The strategy now is to identify members who have business loans that are nearing renewal to see if they qualify for a MLDP loan at a reduced rate.
Balance Sheets for MLDP and Swapco Millions of Dollars at December 1994
Balance Sheet MLDP Swapco Total notional book 90,691.