MLDRINMurray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (New South Wales, Australia)
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MLDRIN (Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations) 2007 A Cooperation Agreement Between Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations and Environmental Non-government Organisations, <www.
MLDRIN has developed a Cooperation Agreement between Murray Lower Darling Indigenous Nations and Environmental NGOs, which, in relation to knowledge (management), for instance, states:
After almost five years of negotiation, in 2006 MLDRIN signed an MoU with the Murray Darling Basin Ministerial Council and the Murray Darling Basin Commission (including partner jurisdictions of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Government).
However, unlike NAILSMA, which operates across remote areas, often with controlling Indigenous interests, MLDRIN operates across a diverse range of land tenures that are highly regulated for non-Indigenous interests.