MLDTMean Logistics Delay Time
MLDTMagnetostrictive Linear Displacement Transducer
MLDTMean Logistics Down Time
MLDTManaged Landing Time (aviation)
MLDTManual Lymph Drainage Therapist
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440 MLDT, plusinteret de retard certifies par une expertise judiciairedu 5 janvier 2018 et ce malgre lerole qui occupeaussiaujourd'huiMonsieur K.
in connection with railway Electrification works in between section Katwa-Azimganj-New Farakka in MLDT Division of Eastern Railway in Gr-189
Tenders are invited for Construction of OHE-Cum-PSI Depot at MLDT Town and construction of SSE (Works)office on 1st Floor over ORH at Malda Town including all other ancillary works such as road,drain,plinth protection,earth filling etc.