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MLEMultilingual Education (literacy)
MLEMaximum Likelihood Estimation
MLEMulticultural London English (linguistics)
MLEMedium to Large Enterprise
MLEMaximum Likelihood Estimate
MLEManaged Learning Environment
MLEMid-Level Exception (athletic contacts)
MLEMaterial, Labor, Equipment (cost factors)
MLEMobile Link Entity
MLEMean Life Expectancy (statistic)
MLEMaster of Land Economy (UK)
MLEMagazine Lee Enfield (firearms)
MLEMerrill Lynch Europe (investing)
MLEMaster of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis (degree; Canada)
MLEMedical Laboratory Evaluation (Medical Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program, Washington, DC)
MLEMycobacterium Leprae
MLEMulti-Lamellar Emulsion
MLEMesoscale Lightning Experiment
MLEModified Ludzack-Ettinger (process used for wastewater treatment)
MLEMAGTF (Marine Air-Ground Task Force) Liaison Element
MLEMagical Law Enforcement (Harry Potter)
MLEMale, Maldives - Male International (Airport Code)
MLEMidline Episiotomy (obstetrics)
MLEMajor League Equivalency (baseball statistic)
MLEMolecular Layer Epitaxy
MLEMulti-Level Effects
MLEMarine Liaison Element
MLEMode of the Likelihood
MLEMultiple Lines of Evidence
MLEMissile Launch Envelope
MLEModel Law Engineer (National Council of Examiners certification for Engineering and Surveying)
MLEMicroprocessor Language Editor
MLEMulti-Line Entry
MLEMinistry of Labour and Environment (Bangladesh)
MLEMission Level Evaluation
MLEMilitaire Luchtvaart Eis
MLEMid-Latitude Ecosystem
MLEMaximum Loss Expectancy (insurance)
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Nonetheless, most of above studies reported either use of MLE to improve plant performance under abiotic stress or the biochemical basis of such enhancement while response of MLE when employed for seed priming or applied to plant foliage in delaying senescence and modulation of source-sink to affect crop productivity are rarely reported.
Assuming the improper prior distribution g([THETA]) [varies] 1, then Bayes estimates and the corresponding MLEs of the parameters of MTBIIID based on the complete sample case are calculated in Table 2.
MLE pareciera el menos eficiente sobre todo en la validacion con 19 rechazos en total mientras que PE tiene un total de 6.
Table I shows the effect of MLE on GSH, nitrite/nitrate and MDA in kidney, testis, spleen and intestine of mice shows (Table I).
Among foliar treatments in the absence of urea, the sample treated with fresh MLE exhibited the maximum value and 6-BAP 25ppm the least.
While Chestnut took home just $10,000 for his Nathan's win, Kobayashi took home $15,000 for the Crif Dog Classic, suggesting that his fight against the MLE may be worth it.
And, as far as being 'fake' goes, of course there are speakers who adopt a fake Jamaican accent, but MLE isn't really the same thing.
In the days after the trouble, many commentators noted the confluence of violent destruction, nihilistic materialism and MLE.
NeoPharm medical expert Se Kyoo Jeong said that the MLE technology is aimed at improving skin barrier function safely and effectively.
Pyro 2000 and MLE Pyrotechnics closed the event on Sunday.
The 32-year-old was banned by the MLE for refusing to exclusively gorge himself at competitions organised by them.