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MLEEMultilocus Enzyme Electrophoresis
MLEEMaple Leaf Environmental Equipment (Canada and US)
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meningitidis serogroup B stratified by sero-subtype were randomly selected and analysed by MLEE.
The MLEE results indicated that plants fell into two distinct lineages (I and II) separated by a genetic distance of 0.
donovani from Sri Lanka were typed as zymodeme MON-37 by MLEE (5).
We used MLEE to investigate relationships between 107 B.
Concordant groupings were also discerned by MLEE and MLST among the so-called hypervirulent serogroup B and C isolates of the ET-5 complex, ET-37 complex, lineage III, and cluster A4 (16).
The first data published by Maiden showed good congruence between MLST and MLEE (4).
The clonal groupings among serogroup A meningococci have been designated subgroups I through IX according to MLEE (7,8).