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MLFMutant Liberation Front (Marvel Comics)
MLFMaple Leaf Foods (Canada)
MLFMicro Lead Frame
MLFMulti Level Feedback
MLFMalolactic Fermentation (winemaking)
MLFMy Left Foot (film)
MLFMission Laïque Française (French: French Lay Mission)
MLFMedial Longitudinal Fasciculus
MLFMaple Lodge Farms (Canada)
MLFMicro Lead-Frame
MLFMultilateral Force
MLFMouvement de Libération de la Femme (feminist political movement in France, mainly active in the 60's and 70's)
MLFMorning Line Favorite (horse racing)
MLFMinimum Laxity First
MLFMajor League Football (fantasy sports)
MLFMemphis Leadership Foundation (est. 1986; Memphis, TN)
MLFMacaw Landing Foundation (Oregon)
MLFMulti Lateral Funding
MLFMicrosoft Licensing Fulfillment
MLFMitnick Liberation Front
MLFMonthly License Fee
MLFMinistry of Livestock and Fisheries
MLFMolded Lead Frame
MLFThousand Linear Feet (construction)
MLFMagnetic Lines of Force
MLFMetropolitan Life Foundation
MLFMasters in Law and Finance (degree program)
MLFMaintenance Level Function
MLFMaximum Load Factor
MLFMargin Loss Factor
MLFMicroloan Fund Microinvest (Tajikistan)
MLFMurthy Law Firm
MLFMissionaries of Little Flower
MLFMyanmar Livestock Federation
MLFMeaning Liberation Front (Portland Oregon media collective)
MLFMuslim Leaders of the Future (UK)
MLFMinistry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
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NO NEW DEBT ANTICIPATED: Under current law, MLF enhancement is not available for future new money issuances by the PTC thereby eliminating the potential for further leveraging.
The reduced color persisted throughout aging, as after 270 days there was up to 20% lower red color measured in wines that had undergone MLF compared to the control.
MLF teaches the making of arc tunnels to protect plants, particularly newly planted seedlings, from too much rain or strong winds.
Interestingly, until stage 23, the MLF was still the only prominent tract in the S.
The new MLF 5088 demonstrates that high output is not opposed to best safety standards.
The MLF will work on an electronic platform integrated with the UAE Fund Transfer System.
MLF differs from the rest of the fund in that the sums involved are much smaller and the money comes in the form of a loan, not an investment.
Il nuance ou il rectifie au besoin, la trop grande rigidite de l'opposition qui est souvent faite par les analystes de cette periode, entre les visees du MLF et le conservatisme de l'Eglise.
MLF thinks he has improved and points out he will still be around for the London Olympics in 1012 "and a half-a-dozen years beyond that.
It is constructed with aluminum components for maximum heat dissipation, the GHz MLF socket uses a high density contactor to accommodate high current carrying capabilities and is slightly larger than the MLF device.
MLF devices have proven to be suitable for low profile, high-density radio frequency (RF) applications.
The MLF determines the location of the midpoint of each range.