MLFSMajor League Figure Skating
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On Monday, the apex bank lent CNY156bn to financial institutions via its one-year medium-term lending facility (MLF).
Next, we construct controllers for each subsystem and a switching law which meet the requirements of the MLFs framework for system (1).
As a result, according to the MLFs method, the closed-loop system (1) and (38) under the switching law (40) is globally asymptotically stable.
Following the design in Section 3, choosing the MLFs functions [mathematical expression not reproducible].
The current generation of high-speed placement machine vision systems is capable of handling MLFs, but special procedures are required.
Micro-lead frame (MLF) devices utilized in portable applications possess exposed die paddles for thermal and electrical enhancement.
Current MLF designs vary in shape and size and offer an assortment of unique pad shapes, surface finishes and dimensions.
Chardonnays from Burgundy and California's coastal regions (Carneros, Russian River, Santa Barbara) typically undergo complete MLFs. These colder climates produce grapes with higher acid levels which tolerate the acid-lowering effects of the MLF, and therefore benefit from the stylistic changes of a complete malolactic fermentation; these wines are often unfiltered.
A critical factor determining the need to filter is whether or not the wine has undergone malolactic fermentation (MLF).
In California's warmer growing regions (parts of Dry Creek, Alexander and Napa Valleys) where grapes are harvested with lower acidity levels, a full MLF will drop the acidity even more, resulting in flabby, bland wines which deteriorate rapidly after bottling.