MLGPMicrosoft Licensing Gp
MLGPMissouri Local Government Program (municipal workforce training; Missouri State University; Springfield, MO)
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With such firsthand experiences among the mayors and MLGP graduates themselves, it's no surprise that the World Health Organization (WHO) rated the country's health conditions poor.
What we've seen is a deepened accountability among the leaders because of the MLGP.
The mayors and health officers of Ilocos Sur municipalities San Ildefonso, Sugpon, Quirino, Alilem, Gregorio del Pilar and Candon; San Gabriel in La Union; and Basista and Laoac in Pangasinan were among the first batch of local officials to complete the MLGP.
As of June 26, the nine MLGP graduates have reported zero maternal and infant deaths in their areas, meeting MDGs 4 and 5.
We saw a lot in the MLGP a big change that made our health programs totally changed, Yu said.
MLGP was launched by DOH in order to capacitate the mayors and municipal health officers (MHOs) to address the millennium development goals (MDG) of reducing maternal and infant mortality, Professor Jusie Lydia J.
To date, a total of 49 local chief executives in Eastern Visayas have already completed the MLGP program of the Department of Health.
Through the one-year MLGP, the mayors and MHOs are able to develop responsive health systems to address health challenges in their municipalities.
Part of the program is the colloquium, a venue where each Municipal Health Team presents the story of its MLGP journey for ten minutes wherein a panel evaluates the presentations.