MLGWMemphis Light, Gas & Water
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What is MLGW doing to ensure affordable utilities for their customers?
MLGW was founded in 1972 as a full service accounting firm that offered a range of services for a diversified clientele representing a variety of industries.
SmartSynch is to offer around 1,000 participating households with SmartSynch SmartMeters that will automatically read and record hourly information about their energy usage and the cellular network services to enable two-way communications between MLGW, the smart meter and participating customers.
MLGW furnishes more than 40 billion cubic feet to its 316,000 gas customers each year.
Under normal circumstances, MLGW would squeeze the PE line, cut the line and fuse an inline tee with reducers in the line to create the tie-in and branch connection.
In fact, MLGW decreased its electric rates in 2000, offered a temporary reduction in its residential gas rates in 2001, and decreased gas rates for many industrial and large commercial customers in 1999.
The Memphis media is no different, and MLGW has worked continually to provide the media and its customers with a great deal of information regarding natural gas prices.
MLGW offers an abundant supply of electricity, natural gas and artesian water at highly competitive rates.
MLGW recently introduced Green Power Switch[R], a voluntary green pricing program offered by its generator, the Tennessee Valley Authority.